EV Battery Housings & EV Battery Enclosures

Electric vehicle (EV) battery enclosures, also known as battery boxes or trays, are critical components of an EV’s design. They serve to protect and house the sensitive battery cells and their supporting electrical and thermal-management hardware.

These enclosures are a heart of subsystem design, materials innovation, and vehicle integration. They are designed to ensure structural integrity during mechanical loads, provide sealing of the battery housing, offer protection against fire (both battery-internal and external), and provide electromagnetic shielding.

The design and manufacturing of these enclosures involve a host of choices in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. For instance, hot stamping, cold stamping, roll-forming, hydroforming, casting and steel, aluminum, composites, and thermoplastics are all being considered in pack development.

In conclusion, the design and manufacturing of EV battery enclosures are a complex and critical aspect of EV production. They require careful consideration of materials, manufacturing processes, and design principles to ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity of the EV’s battery system.

We are a company that is specialised in the production of high-quality battery housings, battery covers and various applications of molded parts for electric vehicles (EV). Our products are made of lightweight but robust material that protects the batteries and other components from damage, overheating and moisture. We offer a wide range of applications to suit the different requirements and models of EV manufacturers. We work closely with our customers to develop customised solutions that meet their needs and expectations. We are proud that our products improve component performance, safety and longevity while reducing environmental impact. We are an innovative and responsible company that constantly strives to improve the quality of our products and services. We are your reliable partner for molded parts for EVs and HEVs.


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