2D/3D Laser Cutting Metal

Laser cutting metal is a thermal cutting process that uses a highly focused laser beam to melt and vaporize material, creating a clean, narrow cut.

It is a computer-controlled procedure that can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, including metals, fabric, and much more.

2D Laser Cutting

This precise cutting technique involves the use of a laser beam to cut through flat sheet metal to create intricate shapes and designs. This laser cutting process is highly precise, allowing for fine details and tight tolerances.

It is versatile, enabling the production of complex parts with speed and accuracy. It finds applications in various industries, including electronics, aerospace, and architectural fabrication. The process is particularly useful for creating parts with complex shapes or features that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

3D Laser Cutting

In addition to metal stamping and 2D, 3D laser cutting is a cutting-edge manufacturing process that extends into the third dimension. This method utilizes a laser to cut through metal materials in multiple axes, allowing for the creation of three-dimensional shapes and intricate contours.

It is particularly advantageous for producing complex components with curved surfaces, beveled edges, and intricate geometries. Similar to 2D, this process offers precision and versatility, but it adds an extra dimension to the design possibilities.

It is commonly employed in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, where intricate and precisely shaped parts are essential. The combination of metal stamping, 2D and 3D laser cutting provides a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities, catering to a wide range of product requirements in today’s advanced manufacturing landscape.

For Automotive & beyond

This advanced method offers increased efficiency, reduced waste, and the ability to create intricate three-dimensional structures with minimal material distortion. 3D laser cutting finds versatile applications across various industries due to its precision and flexibility.

Whether it’s used for cutting intricate components and body parts in the automotive industry, for cutting complex shapes in aircraft components in the aerospace industry, for precision cutting of electronic components and circuit boards in electronics manufacturing, for creating intricate components for medical devices, implants, and surgical instruments in medical device manufacturing, or for enabling quick and precise prototyping of three-dimensional designs in prototyping and rapid manufacturing, 3D laser cutting is a valuable manufacturing tool.

These applications showcase the adaptability of 3D laser cutting across industries, where its precision and ability to handle a variety of materials make it a valuable manufacturing tool. Metal Competencies, with its expertise in these areas, is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of these industries.

As the innovation partner for complex solutions, Metal Competencies uses 2D & 3D lasercutting to produce high-quality, precision-manufactured components for you.

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Laser-cutting FAQs

What quality control procedures do you have in place for laser cutting projects?

Quality control procedures for laser cutting involve inspecting cut dimensions, material integrity, and ensuring adherence to specifications. This also includes using precision measuring tools and potentially testing samples for consistency.

What is your experience working with laser cutting projects for automotive?

We have several big OEM customers who are very satisfied with the quality of our exhaust systems and metal working skills. Our 3D Laser Cutters are state-of-the-art and we guarantee to only manufacture the highest quality components you need.

Can you provide laser cutting services for large-scale projects or high-volume orders?

This always depends on the materials and in dept project-details. Please contact us via the contact form on our site and schedule a free online call with our experts.

What are the costs associated with laser cutting?

Laser cutting costs depend on several factors. Material type (mild steel, aluminum, etc.), thickness, complexity of the cut, and the total quantity all influence the price. Simple cuts in thin materials might cost less, while intricate shapes in thicker materials can reach higher costs. For an accurate quote, contacting Metal Competencies directly with your project details is recommended.

Do you offer additional services alongside laser cutting, like bending, welding, or finishing?

Yes indeed, we offer multiple services like, tube-bending, laser-cutting, hydroforming, welding & much more. Please contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities of a collaboration.

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