Metal vessels

Metal vessels, known for their durability and corrosion resistance, have diverse applications across different industries. In the chemical sector, they are crucial for storing and transporting hazardous substances. In manufacturing, metal vessels play a pivotal role in pressurized systems for shaping and forming materials. They are integral in energy production for containing and transferring liquids and gases. From aerospace to pharmaceuticals, the versatility of metal vessels makes them indispensable in various fields, contributing to the efficiency and safety of numerous processes.

Beyond industrial applications, metal tanks also play a crucial role in building heating systems. They efficiently store and circulate hot water or other heating fluids, contributing to the effective regulation of temperatures in residential and commercial spaces. The adaptability of metal tanks further extends their utility, showcasing their significance in maintaining thermal comfort in diverse environments.

Metal Competencies supports you in building:

  • Metal vessels and 
  • Boiler manufacturing up to a diameter of 700mm

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