Automotive Heat Shields & Shielding Systems

Automotive Heat Shields and Shielding Systems are thermal barriers designed to protect the car´s sensitive components from the extreme heat generated by the engine. They are typically made of high-strength aluminium with a layer of ceramic fiber for extra insulation.

We are a company that is specialised in the manufacture of high-quality heat shields and screens of all kinds for vehicle construction. Our heat protection and shielding applications are made from heat-resistant and durable materials that protect EV batteries, motors and bodies from extreme temperatures. In addition to heat protection, our products can also be used for acoustic and electromagnetic shielding.

We offer various types of heat protection and shielding to suit the different requirements of manufacturers. We work closely with our customers to develop customised solutions that meet their needs and expectations. We are proud that our heat protection and shields improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your components while reducing environmental impact. We are an innovative and responsible company that constantly strives to improve the quality of our products and services. We are your reliable partner for heat shields and shielding of all kinds. Metal Competencies is your provider for:

  • Single and multi layers, embossed on smooth surfaces
  • Aluminium and stainless steel aloys
  • In house development and simulation
  • For Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial aplications

Precise manufacturing is essential for automotive heat shields. These shields deflect heat away from vital engine components, protecting them from damage and ensuring optimal performance. High precision allows for the creation of lightweight, perfectly fitting heat shields that maximize heat deflection without adding unnecessary weight. Additionally, precise manufacturing techniques create heat shields that are more durable and resistant to warping, leading to a longer lifespan and quieter operation.

  • Single and multi layers, dimpled and smooth surfaces
  • Thermal, EMC- or acoustic insulation
  • Aluminium and stainless steel alloys
  • Multi-layers with glas-fibre mat, anorganic papers, etc.
  • In house development and simulation
  • Visual surfaces
  • Temperatures up to 1.200°C

Overall, high precision manufacturing of heat shields benefits both carmakers and consumers. It allows for efficient engine operation, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Additionally, precise heat shields are more reliable and contribute to a safer driving experience.

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